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Originally Posted by bbqbull View Post
Explain your reasoning for freezing single slices before bagging and freezing Kapn.
Iffin' I just put a bunch of slices in a bag and freeze--I get lots of moisture and a big glump of frozen stuff when I want to use it.
Frozen together by moisture.
That is not really meat moisture, just the moisture from the cooking process that clouds up the bag and hangs around forever.

Iffin' I freeze as described, the pieces and parts are separate and very manageable to use.
I can use a few slices or all of them easily since they are "separate" items.
Pulls off the surface moisture, but leaves the pieces and parts just like new.
Kinda like freezing corn in the same way. Instead of a "glob" of corn, you have the individual kernels to pour out!

Just a process for those small items where you want a "serving" and not a big meal.

That is all.

Did I "Muddy the Water" ???

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