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Default Some Freezing Ideas

Pretty simple stuff here, but may be of use to some.
I hate taking a large bag of BBQ (or anything) out of the freezer and then having to eat it for the next week to use it up
So, here is how I handle stuff like Buckboard bacon, Canadian (to include the UnC... variation ) Bacon, Pastrami, Fatties, and stuff I just want a serving or two of at a time.

I freeze the meat on a sheet pan covered with freezer paper. Plain ole' wax paper would work just fine.
The little "stacks" work wonderful.
When frozen, the pieces break apart easy for stuffing into quart freezer bags.

The quart freezer bags hold serving size batches fine. Enough to last me a day or two at a time. I "squish" as much air out as possible, but not as good as vacuum sucking.

The final step is to put the quart bags into a gallon freezer bag. The double bagging seems to really help seal them up and prevent or minimize freezer burn.

For any longer term storage or larger quantities, I still use and love my FoodSaver!

Anyway, just some thoughts that work well for me.

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