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A welding shop did the bending and welding. I would like to get a welder but don't know about doing the bending. I am going to take it to a friend who welds and have him put a bead all the way around to make it more airtight. Right now it has two little 1/2" holes in the top and it leaks the smoke around the band. I think I will put in one 3" dia. x 4" tall smoke stake when I get the welding done and plug the two little holes.

I put the two grates in the same height as everyone else seems to do. I don't know that I need a 8" tall lid maybe could get by with a 5" or 6" one if you were not going to do a turkey on the top shelf. I have not looked into the temp difference in the lid. I did ribs yesterday and had the probe on the lower grate, it held between 225 & 240 for the 4.5 hour cook with little adjustment.

One thought for Chinese Bob an easy way to double your cooking space would be to cut a donor drum at the top rib, flatten that out and weld a band on that so that it would fit over the top of a UDS and use a kettle lid or one like mine. That give you two more grates which double your cooking space without getting as crazy as Smooookin and going two drums tall. I know this will work, because my first attempt at the lid I did this but it did not fit over the UDS lip. But my buddy that built with me had cut off the lip on his and it fits great on his. So I gave it to him and he now has an extention that is easy to put on and adds two grates to his UDS.
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