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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
Thanks fellas.
I forgot that by using the kettle lid I could add a second grate. Now I don't feel so bad about using it afterall. Thanks for the offers on the screw caps though.
Brian..I think you were the one who had PM'd me some info. In the 9th pic where both lids are hanging on the drum I can barely see what looks like two screws in the flange. Do you screw the flange into the drum so it sits higher? I guess I need to grind the handle off and just go from there.
Norco--The bag that those hooks came in don't say either zinc or galvanized. Anyone know for sure if they are?

I'm going to yhe Outlaws today. My FIL has some scrap metal and expando I can use. Guys, is it safe to use rebar and angle iron? Is there such a thing as galvanized rebar or AI?
If you have some muratic acid (pool acid) dip it in and it will strip the coating off. or you can heat up with torch (avoid fumes) and then wire brush it off. Remember if it won't rust it is coated or plated.
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