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Default Found a drum...Need help

My trusty helper. I caught him cross eyed and ear bent. He actually loosened the bolt all on his own with just a little help.

The drum and the new spare kettle parts I have.

I took the used lid and bottom from my grill and replaced old with new. Now I have a semi new grill and I'll use the old lid and bottom on the UDS.

I can't remember who's the expert at making the UDS with kettle lids and bottom flanges. Will the expert please let me know what to do here. The kettle lid does not fit the drum itself snuggly. I will need to cut the bowl and make a flange. But as you can see if i set the bowl in the drum, it will almost fall right in once I cut off the handle. I think I'm going to need to put the drum lid and band back on and then cut the drum lid out in order to allow the kettle flange to sit up a little higher and receive the lid properly. I hope you guys know what I mean.

I was at HD and was going to buy the coal grate, screws and chit but I decided to go home and see how cheap I could make this thing. Well I wont' need bolts to hold up the grate. I took some conduit hooks and flattened them out. They will get a metal screw to hold them in place and then a spot weld to keep them there.
The drum has some rust, but a good burn, then a good grinding will take care of it. I didn't want to use the kettle lid, but I kinda had to because the two screw caps on the drum lid are made of plastic so the lid is sorta useless. I check back to see what you guys have recommended.
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