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Actually the lid is on upside down. The walls of the barrel slope toward the center. Luckily I had a lid in my junk stash; since the lid that came with the barrel was plastic. Fortunately the lid fits very tight this way and does not leak.

I would like a kettle lid for this UDS. What kettle lid might fit? The barrel is 22 1/4".

As for the construction I wanted to build as much as possible without welding. I drilled the intake holes 2" up from the base and burned the barrel by laying it down on its side on some bricks to elevate it and protect the patio. The charcoal basket is a 13" Weber Smokey Joe charcoal replacement grill with expanded metal that is attached with hog rings. This basket sits on a 15" ash pan. The cooking grate is 7 1/2" down from the opening. I had a muffler shop weld a 3" x 7" long piece of exhaust pipe to the lid. They also put a 14"-20 bolt inside the pipe for the damper to attach to. I cut the damper out of an steel electrical box cover and held it in place with a washer, compression spring and couple of jam nuts.

It is cooking this morning and I have made one adjustment in just over two hours. Additionally, I have noticed that if the wind is blowing that it works best to open the intake that is common to the direction the wind is coming from. If the wind is strong I shield the UDS during cooking to control the temperature.
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