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The 'balance' will work both ways, and as long as there is air flow and the exhaust pipe doesn't extend to far into the cooking chamber you shouldn't get any stale smoke. I have tried setting my smokers that way Texas Q but I find that with the exhaust in the wide open position a stronger air flow (or draw) is established at the intake tube which results in the intake damper being opened very little to acheive temp, this allows wider ranges of adjustments for different cooking temps. Even with the exhaust fully open there is still ample heat in the upper portion of the cooking chamber.

Design and methods of operation will vary from smoker to smoker and as long as they work all is well, look at how many pages this thread is on this one subject, the information here is fantastic and its the different issues and points of views like the ones we're talking about here that have given alot of people the courage to tackle making their own UDS and spreading the joy of BBQ. It would be great to see all of these barrels in one place turning out some really great eats!

BY the way good looking smokers ya'll got there Texas Q and ratdawg

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