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I still say it goes right back to the dollar.

Production companies are looking to make the end result.... $$$$$$$

The more they can push through, the more they make. I saw it when I was working maintenance at several production facilities. I couldn't tell you how many times I heard the management say, "mix the bad in with the good, and if they catch it, we will worry about it later." Then when the bad was sent back, there was a credit given, but the bad would go right back into another batch of good parts. A vicious cycle until they didn't come back again.

Then everyone wonders why quality is so bad. Blame management and the almighty dollar.... that is what is wrong in America, and all of the jobs are going overseas. Americans have out priced the market, and the manufactures can ship raw product overseas, manufacture it, and ship it back for less money. But did they drop the price here, of course not. More profit in their already fat wallets.

My rant for today, and my $0.02 worth.

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