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Default The Whole Truth and Nothing.........

I found out why Eskimos don't Que. Yesterday I had some BB Bacon and C Bacon to finish off and thought I'd throw on a 8lb butt also.
Temps were in the high 20's for most the afternoon but I started the bacon off at 150* and was keeping a low fire in the EDS. After an hour I threw in some more lit Royal Oak and temps were at 250 ish. After the bacon came off (2:15 later) I threw some more lit RO in and the butt just was not moving (137* after 4 1/2hr). We took a little nap and when we woke up grate temps were still at 250ish but the butt was still at 159* I wrapped it and went back in house.
It was now getting dark and cold and I decided to pull it and finish in the oven today. I came in and told the wife to order chicken dinners from the OP. Shouda seen the look on her face before she busted out laughin her ass off at me.......
So my question to you all is...How many times have you ordered out instead of eatin the que you started???????
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