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Howdy all,


I've competed for my first (and only time) this past October at Sayville under the team name Heavy Metal BBQ. I had an absolute blast and thus would like to maximize my exposure to future competitions. I was definitely satisfied with my results given that it was my very first competition. (13th overall, 7th in brisket)

Given various restraints, I only plan on doing 1 or 2 competitions this year on my own, however I would like to participate in as many competitions as my schedule will allow for.

I have spent about 2 years avidly cue'n, averaging about 2-3 times per month. I am constantly looking to improve my output any way I can.


I would like to maximize my exposure to the compeition circuit this year through assisting both existing and starting teams. I am willing to travel a couple hundred miles given the situation. This is mostly to have fun through assisting others where I can, although I do have a strong competitve streak and always strive for the best.

What I can offer:

I will show up with a smile on my face and beer that's ready for the cooler, ready to take on whatever you throw at me. I have no problem with washing dishes. I will take whatever orders are given to me and fufil them to the best of my abilities, regardless of the individual task. There is nothing I can think of right now that I would not enthusiastically take on as my duty to the team.

Since I've already competed, I do have somewhat of an inventory of things that are needed for a competition such as bus tubs, cannopy, cookers, extension cords, etc. I can also bring a WSM or two if it's needed.

I'm not looking to steal anyone's secrets or get an inside on the compeition. I'm looking to get out there and do as much as I can, having the best time possible.

From a quick look before posting I see that there are several teams in the area who have already posted. I'll pop in and repeat what I've said here in those threads tomorrow.

If anyone is interested feel free to reply here or shoot me a message.

I look forward to creating some great memories in this upcoming competition season.
Heavy Metal BBQ
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