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Originally Posted by chad View Post
Good weekend! Outside of a little rain on Thursday night and an incident with a swamp buggy at 2AM on Saturday morning it was pretty near perfect...except for our scores! Oh yeah, we were WAY too close to the PA tent and band stand!!
Congrats to those that walked!
What Chad said!

This has the potential to be a "Premier" BBQ event.
Dependable power and water and nice sites.
Some free ice, breakfast, steak dinner, and all the "goodies" a team could want!

Finally got a chance to meet some teams with Brethren members.
In particular--"Da Chief" and the lovely "Mrs Chief". Really nice folks!

Got to shake hands with Mike Davis "Lotta Bull". I finally washed that hand at Mrs Kapn's insistence
Great guy!
Wish I had taken a pic of the "coach" he has---the paint job cost more than many houses and is so cool!

The ever present small "boo boos" kept us out of the hunt for $$.
But, 14th of 44 ain't bad in that field.
Lots of Super Stars right in the area with us.

We will do this one next year--just gotta take ear plugs.

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