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Originally Posted by Que'inKC View Post
So is this just a normal Stoker controller hooked up to the Traeger? I don't have a Traeger but been thinking real hard about it...But my only hold-back was what you were saying, not having control over the temp...


I am not real sure of all the mechanical aspects, what I can tell you is the the Traeger digital I had comes out, John has made a mother board that fits where it went and the cables go from it into the seperate Stoker unit.

The unit that replaces the Traeger digital has the four connections, just like the Traeger, so it was real easy to just install it and connect the 4 plugs. You then plug a gray cable into that unit and then into the Stoker, and add a temp probe to it and attach it where you what it to read the temp in the pit.

I realize one cook is not a lot of data, but man I am impressed so far. It has not varied more than 3 degrees for the last 7 hours.

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