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Im sure he was great when you finally spoke with him, but my experience was like this. (ANd like I have stated every time...I think his product is amazing. I work with DDC building automation controls for a living, so I love his product )

1st email sent, no reply
2nd email sent, no reply
3rd email sent, no reply
phone call, left message for him to call, no reply. (explain how this is good customer service)

Email sent to BBQ Guru....returned email in about an hour and a phone call as well. Guess who got me as a customer for life. (this is called customer service)

I have never said anything bad about the Stoker or the stoker dude, just my experience was poor customer service. I not going to spend my money on a product that I cant even get a reply from the company. I wish he would have called me back, but his loss, Gurus gain I guess.

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Notly Q, I know you think his customer service is bad but I gotta disagree, !

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