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Mod, if this is wrong place or inappropriate do what you gotta do! But I wanted to say this!

Let me start out by saying phenomenal is an understatement for this device!

John from Rocks Bar-B-Que tried all day yesterday to make the stoker work on the WholeHog, I am sure that is what he wanted to spend his Saturday doing, Notly Q, I know you think his customer service is bad but I gotta disagree, we had success at the beginning, but found some difficulties in keeping the unit cool where the control assembly is housed. We were not able to get the WholeHog up and running, but John did say he was gonna try and modify it and see if he could get something adapted for it! After you read the rest of this you will know why I hope he succeeds!

Now, on to the real story. John also gave me a unit to try on the 075. Some people have this on the FEC 100, I don't know if I am the first person to try the Traeger 075, don't really care, all I am hear to say is if you have an 075 and are wanting UNBELIVABLE control of your temperatures BUY THIS UNIT!

I have had a brisket on since 9:15, took me about 1 hour and 3 calls to Smitty, Bram and John on their way back North, to get the unit configured, I have the Maverick 73 next to the computer, it has not varied 1 degree since I have been typing! I had to see it to believe it! Ric Gilbert, I owe you an apologie, you told me about this control at the Rumble to the Summit in June, I am sure you remember my response, I apologize!

Folks, if you have an 075 and are thinking about a digital controller from Traeger, Fugetaboutit! It cost $200 and it will control you temps if you are lucky within 20*, if it is like mine it can swing 40*! I am not gonna speak for John, but according to his web site you can get his basic system for $200, that includes the blower, which you will not need, so maybe he will be adjusting that when he gets around to...well I don't know. I guess he does not have many of these in Traegers right now, but man, when the word gets out, he better get ready for some orders!

You guys know I love my Traegers, but this control unit is so far Superior to the Traeger digital unit, there is just no comparison. The fricken gage has not budged, I just went outside to make sure it was on!

If you still want a Traeger digital, give me a call, I will sell you one for half price!

John, just tell me where to send the check!

The thing is still 224*! Fricken unbelievable!

Edit: Another thing I just thought of. The pellet consumption is way less with the Stoker, it will pay for itself over time just in the amount of pellets used! I think it has better smoke too!
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