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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by trp1fox View Post
Of all the things I've ever smoked I think Pastrami has been the most fun. I can't stand Corned Beef, but give me some pastrami and I'm one happy camper.

Nice looking grub there, cajun.
Originally Posted by CajunSmoker View Post
and I'm the exact opposite. I smoke it for the family but I eat the corned beef
Well then, both of you may benefit from a slight variation of each I've been making.....I've nicknamed it 'wet pastrami' and it basically involves seasoning the corned beef and smoking just like a pastrami until 140. Then it gets foiled with some water or beer/water and cooked until 175 or so. (It can also be moved to a covered casserole dish or dutch oven for this braise/steaming or even finished in a pressure cooker). Beef broth does not work for the braising liquid, it robs or changes the flavor.

I serve it hot as a main meat, with potatoes, cabbage etc., and its more flavorful than regular corned beef. (As the bark softens it flavors the braising liquid). When it is chilled is resembles pastrami more than corned beef and is good on sammies. Here is a photo one of the Eggers sent me after he tried my recipe and technique.


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