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Originally Posted by Spydermike72 View Post
Congrats Carol, I am glad you got elected!!

To answer your question, I would not pay to listen to BOD meetings. There are plenty of free or low cost options available that I dont feel I should have to pay. Another option is to webcast the BOD meetings, unless they are held in locations that dont have internet access.

Very good idea!!

Why do I have to pay more money to listen to public information that im a paid member of, that im entitled to legally? Thats not going to fly.

Thats analogos of having to pay to hear what my county, state or federal goverment officials are discussing.

There is at least one expert in setting up this type of communication on a daily basis. Rather it be local or international teleconference calls here. I would love to hear his thoughts on your thoughts ref; this Carol.

I hope this all can be worked out in a reasonable manor very soon.
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