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Default ***Swamp Pit BBQ - Long Island, NY

Swamp Pit BBQ

Julie Day (WannaBeBBQueen) Robert Becker Laura Quinn
Tim Becker Camila Mize Skip Day Kara Dell'Aquila
Nick Dell'Aquila Al Gaudelli Chris Burrell

We started in 2005, we have done a couple of comps each year, but are hoping to do several more this year. We are a large team, but we are always willing to help/mentor anyone that is interested. We have had several walks in our first two years and hope to have more. Most of the events we do are KCBS sanctioned, but we also do a few non-sanctioned events. This is the place to party if your looking to have a good time and learn how to compete then give us a holler. Having fun is a must...unless it's turn in

Here's what we cook on:
Charbroil Bandera
Charbroil Silver Smoker/Grill
Weber Kettle

Events we would like to do this year:
Grillin on the Bay 2008 TBA
BBQ on the Farm...Yardley, PA 06/06/08
NJ Sate BBQ Championship...Wildwood NJ 07/11/08
Hudson Valley Rib Fest...Highland, NY 08/15/08
9th Annual New Holland SummerFest... New Holland PA 08/22/08
No Fire Just Smoke...Hillsbourgh, NJ 09/13/08
Battle of the BBQ Brethren...Sayville, NY 10/18/08

Contact info: Julie can post here or email us
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Swamp Pit BBQ
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Charbroil Bandera
Charbroil Silver Smoker/Grill
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