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Default *** Great Lakes BBQ & Feed Co - MI

Team is made up of head cook - Ford Alison, chief bottle washer - Ford, night fire guy - Ford (I have FE's) , setup & cleanup - you guessed it. I always find a runner to help me at a contest as I have bad knees and just don't move fast enough. I have a 16í enclosed trailer with hot and cold running water, 3 FEís, fridge (in 200, steel prep table. And if you bring an air mattress a dry truck bed with cap for sleeping.

I would be glad to mentor 1 or even 2 individuals this year. If you do one contest you'll learn a bit. If you do 4 or 5 you'll learn a lot more. Over the years Iíve mentored a number of people here in Michigan and some have teams of their own now.

What you contribute - help with setup, cleanup, runner, a spare set of hands when I'm cooking.

What I contribute - food (beef tenderloin breakfast), drink (within reason), 7 years of experience. I donít hide anything from people that help me.

Schedule this year

May 2 or 9 - KC area (TBD)
May 22 - 24 GAB - invitational and open
June 13 - MT Vernon IL or Elk Grove IL (love Mt Vernon but 200+ miles farther to drive)
July 18 - Kettering OH
July 25 - Taste of Grand Rapids MI (defending champion)
Aug 15 - Mt. Morris MI
Sept 5 - Nashville IN
Sept 12 - Mears/Silver Lake MI

TBD - Royal, Jack or I'll do something else in October if I don't qualify.

You can email me at alisonf at ix dot Netcom dot com
Retired competition cook. BBQ mentor.
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