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Default A few reminders!

This is great. A big thank you to Phil.

I do want to begin this thread with a few reminders.
1. Only a few board members read any forum, at all.
2. Even fewer BOD members will respond on a forum.

So what do you do.
Use this area to voice, vent, suggest and cause discussion and consideration of issues and matters of importance.
Do not forget, direct mail to the BOD is always a good way to get your point across. Do not just complain, offer a suggestion for improvement.

Remember you may request from KCBS the agenda for any BOD meeting 48 hours in advance of the meeting. BOD meetings are generally on the second Wednesday of each month, but not always. Check with KCBS. February meeting is Feb 8 and we work all day Feb 9 on KCBS matters in a workshop setting.

You may attend a meeting and speak on an issue or issues. You must register with the Secretary of KCBS at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. The request forms are available though KCBS.

With this in mind, I look forward to this section.
One last thing to remember, any member of Board who is willing to post here, can truly only speak on their own behalf, and not on behalf of the BOD or KCBS.

Looking forward to a great discussion, and please be understanding.
Yours in Q, and willing to stand in the fire.
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