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Default Formats of posts for this forum.


Register your team: In the thread title. ** Team name and Location.

In the body of the text.

Team name
Web site
Upcoming events
Location info
Sanctioning body info
Contact info.

Number of slots you may have in general.

If the thread is for a specific event, include responsibilities that woul dbe filled and details of the job. Funds if required, foods, etcs..


In the thread title. Format Your name(here on the forum): Area:

body of post is whatever you want to do..

Make sure you use the *** at the begining of the titles so we can isolate them from general conversations.

Please keep "BIO" threads and "Available" threads clean from general chatter unless it relates specifically to that team or event.

general discussion and chatter can be in the forum in there own threads.

I do see a need to organize better, but lets see what we get first.

this sounds strangly like a dating service doesn't it. ?

Married chuby cigar smoking male available for contest in MOFo Area.

Likes: blue smoke and moonlight cooks, dislikes boiling and burnt food.
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