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Default MotherLoad of Recipes Part Deux

I wanted to try and simplify the previous thread titled "MotherLoad or Recipes". I have collected all original files into 1 file for everyone to download.

There are two sets of files in this zip download with a total of over 3000 BBQ recipes. 1 set are htm linked recipes which you can view in a web browser. The other is a small database viewer that is pretty easy to use. I have included basic instructions for each on in the folder in readme.txt files.

If you downloaded both packages from the other thread, there is nothing new here. Just wanted to have a download link at the top, and make it all available in one easy package. This is being hosted on a freebie site, so I don't know how long the download bandwidth will last, but at 5MB a pop it should go for awhile.

Thanks to all who provided files and info in the first thread. Below is the link:

and click "Click Here to Start Download"
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