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Found some matches.
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Thank's for the great reply's.
I will take a snort for quality controll.
The main reason for the question is because I purchased a big bottle of mondavi merlot (sponser for the PBS cooking show I watch on Saturday's, so I figured I would help out the sponser's) and it is a larger bottle than I purchas normally. I keep the cork in it with no sun light and just the heat from the house, used it tonight and wwwaas ooookkk III tthinnnnkkk...
The whole cheese and wine thing came to me when we (with the inlaws) went on a quick tasting tour thru the Columbia river gorge (here in Wash state) A couple of year's ago, really opened up my eye's on how the flaver's go together and the way thing's work, just another page in the food working process.....

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