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Default It's All In The Packaging....

So the spicewine is on order and this year I'd like to be able to take her to different places a lot easier than on a utility trailer. The custom beauty of Jay's is out of the question per the CSDO(chief-smack-down-officer) so I was going to resign myself to renting an enclosed trailer when I needed it.

Then saw someone's post about trailers and read HoDeHo's about the toy hauler option.....

Wife likes to hang out and have fun and go on trips, etc. We can't fly because of the food allergy nut thing, airplanes, and ventilation so we are trying to figure out ways to drive without spending an arm and a leg on everything we do.

So I suggest a trailer/sleeper cabin that can haul the smoker and be pulled by my F150. She smiles. Ok, how much we talking, and when are we talking?
I throw some numbers of our limits and mention later this spring or this summer since we're going to North Dakota.... Toss in the idea of the tax filing....

What do you know, we have terms. Now I just have to find one in the range. Competition here we come.
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