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No problem. I hadn't seen the bit about the firebrick in the cook chamber... Somehow I missed it... I did however get the following mods in mine so far...

#1 Baffle, of sorts. I took the baffle template from this site, and made a baffle out of Reynolds Heavy Duty aluminum foil doubled twice (quarupled) so it's a nice thick baffle.

#2 Gasket. High Temp silicone Gasket mod. This DOES help keep the smoke in the smoke chamber, and DOES help with temp control... But I haven't used it in c-c-c-c-cold weather yet...

There are a couple more mods I want to do after re-reading the Bandera 101...

#1. Fire Grate. Not replacing, but actually using fire bricks at each corner to lift the grate.

#2. Pavers on the bottom of the cook chamber. I like the idea of the way they distribute heat. Kind of like cooking with Cast iron.

#3. Weep holes. My Bandera lives a pampered existence in the garage when not in use or cooling off. But it is about to get evicted into a permanent home on the deck as I need the space in the garage.
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