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UDS do not take more than an afternoon and a half to build, a full day at the most. Not much effort at all. I actually spent more actual time locating a drum. Once I had the drum, it was done in a matter of hours (an hour every couple days, and a Saturday morning).

The reason I like it better than the WSM already is cooking space. You run out of room real quick on a WSM. I LOVE my 2 WSMs, dont get me wrong. I will cook on my WSMs at comps probably more than I will on my UDS, but I can get way more meat into my UDS than I can on WSMs 18.5 inch grills

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My issues with building a UDS is that I once built a Cyclone Dust Collector (for my other hobby woodworking), and althought it works great, I would not wish that level of effort on anyone.

I noticed that a lot of WSM owners built a UDS, so my next question is other than the price and the fact you made it yourself, what are the advantages of the performance of a UDS? and is there anyone that ever built a UDS that said they wouldn't do it again?

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