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Originally Posted by CrackerJack from KC View Post

Should I look at Banderas, Offsets, or just default to a WSM?
PS, my budget is $300.
It depends on what you want to do. Are you just wanting a nice little smoker for the backyard and that's all or are you wanting to eventually move up to maybe doing some local cookoffs. Do you want a set it and forget it smoker or do you want to have one to mess with. The first smoker I had was a little store bought offset. It was a great tool for learning fire control, draft, hot spots and cold spots, fun to play with by modifying different things to see what it will do witch will help you if you ever get a bigger one for cookoffs and such. You can learn alot with one of these. I am glad I had an offset as a first smoker just for the knowledge I got from it.

If you want a set it and forget type a WSM is wonderful for your price range. I cooked a ham on mine tonight. Dump briquets and some wood chunks in it and forget about it. If you have access to a drum the Ugly Drum Smoker seems to be a hot item here lately. I am in the process of trying to find a drum now just because "I just got to have one now".
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