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Originally Posted by Barbarian View Post
Thanks guys, now more questions. Sorry if these seem silly or anal but I am curious and want to cook good Q. One reason I want to use a UDS is I get 40-60 degree differences in my horizontal offset from the firebox to the exhaust stack and have to watch the meat closer and move the meat around more often then I would prefer and I thought the UDS would hopefully have a more even temp spread. So,
1. Why use the pit thermometers?
Sounds like a remote to the center of the cooking grate would be all that is needed. Adjust the air intake to get the center at the right temp and go from there. Maybe putting the remote probe on the underside of the cooking grate, but wonder about the drippings dripping on the probe.

2. Does this 50 degree difference mean the center will cook faster and the meat needs to be scooted out more or in towards the center more?
I guess I am worried here because on my offset I have to watch that the meat near the firebox does not get charred or overcooked.

3.Will an 18" diameter charcoal basket get the heat more evenly spread while it rises?
When lighting the fire it seems it would be best to evenly distribute the newly lit coals to the basket so the fire is not centered in the middle of the basket and burning down and outward.

4. Should the exhaust be designed more out towards the edge of the lid and in several places to help equalize the heat?
I was thinking about putting the exhaust right in the middle of the lid and having two handles, but now am not sure.
You already know how I use my probes, thru a piece of wood next to the meat.
I would think a wider "ring of fire" would heat more evenly

The exhaust brings an interesting point. with my exstention I basicallt have two 2 in exhaust openings and the temp control is no problem. The XXL is say 10 inches taller but has only one 4 in opening in the center and is being a pain in the arse. I am thinking you might be on to something here Jerry.
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