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Originally Posted by Barbarian View Post
So I got one of the Kettle Grills from Sears and the lid is to small, it sits right on top of the drum. So does "cut the roll off the top" make the outside diameter enough smaller for the Kettle lid to fit over the drum? And if it does, what are the options for how to make a clean cut on the roll?
I cut the top off mine with a sawzall with a metal cutting blade. I could have done a much better job if I had of had some metal blades for my jigsaw.

Originally Posted by Smokin Gator View Post
I would be very cautious about cutting the entire top roll off of the drum. I think it adds a lot to the structural stiffness of the drum. IMHO you are much better off using an angle grinder to grind down the roll until the Weber lid fits snugly. That is what I did on my second UDS. Maybe someone who has cut the roll off will chime in...

You are probably right Gator. I jumped ahead and cut the top off mine without thinking of the possible consequences. However, I did my burn in this afternoon and so far everything looks ok.
Here are some pics of the burn out.
I bought a $4 bag of mesquite. I never cook on it but it is hot chit.

Here is the barrel in full blaze and you can see the seam holding ok. You can also see the jagged top that I still have to grind down

And here it is from the top view

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