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Originally Posted by chinesebob View Post
If you look at pics of mine that's exactly what I did. I put 3 1" by 4" and just put a nipple on one of them. I thought about the risers but I just set my basket on top of the pipes. Not sure if that has a positive or negative affect.

I wonder if you put a high temp primer and black coat that would be enough. The other option would be to get a auto paint. Might need a sprayer for that.

I don't think the high temp primer idea will work because the barrel will still get to hot for the paint. I'm hoping they may mix some high heat colors to paint exhaust manifolds.

If you find a place that sells templates for School or Pro teams let me know. I'm looking for a couple of teams .
I hadn't thought about it being a problem getting templates but a quick google didn't look promising?!? I got a friend that runs a body shop that does a lot of custom painting, guess I need to go by for a visit and ask a few questions. I'll let you know what I find out.

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