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I finally got me a drum and have started on my build. I am trying to use as many parts off my cookers that I already have as possible. I'm wondering if anyone has tried using the charcoal pan out of a Brinkman Gourmet ECB? It will hold 15#'s of charcoal and the deminsions are within the range of what I've seen you guys make. I'm just wondering about the airflow.

Anyway, here are some pics of what I've got so far. All I've been able to do is cut the roll off the top so my kettle lid will fit, then it started pouring down rain so I can't do the burn off of the coating inside.

I'm planning on using 2 - 1"x4" black iron pipe nipples with elbows and 30" risers and full port ball valves for the intake air. If it will work I want to put 4 evenly space pieces of 3/8" all thread rod in above the intakes to set the charcoal pan on so the bottom of the pan is just above the intake nipples.

What do you guys think about that plan?

Another ?, has anyone found any hi temp paint that can be mixed in colors? Thinking seriously about a purple and gold LSU can

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