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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I need to know. The intake on these UDS smokers is always set up from the bottom of the smoker. Now, since hot air rises and cold air sinks, then what is the point of this? The hot air should rise and go out of the exhaust pipes on the lid, and this would draw in air from the intake right? Why does the intake have to be moved up?

This may have been asked before, but this thread is f'in HUGE and it is not THAT nagging to me to read through every post to find out.
Chris, I set mine up with the extended vertical air intake because I'm 6'6" and bending over to tend the air intake would be a real PIA! My build was inspired by a video I had saw about Snail and his DrumSmokers in which he had a single vertical air intake and a single exhaust. And I had a Viola moment....Or are we talking about placement of the horizontal intake at the bottom of the drum?
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