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Originally Posted by smooookin View Post
From looking at the pic the first thing that came to my mind is you need an elbow at the top of the intake. My thinking is the air isn't going to just jump into the hole. With an elbow you would be forcing the air down the pipe.
Well then, does it just stumble into the other inlet on the other side of the barrel on the bottom???

Seriously, the thought process here was that once I apply lit coals, they would heat up the drum and as the hot air rises, it would provide a convection air current to pull the intake air through the pipe. It's been done here before with apparent success but I have not seen one that extended above the barrel. Oddly enough, I can control the temp with the 1" intake that is near the bottom... open or close the one on the pipe and no effect (and yes, it is not clogged, I checked!) The barrel works well, but I want to be lazy and use the pipe...

The next burn I will remove the pipe and see what effect that has...

Thanks and keep the ideas coming!
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