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Default Can a UDS air intake be too tall?

On my UDS, I have two 1" openings. I placed one (the only one I thought I would need) on a 1" pipe with the ball valve on top and the other just capped off on the side of the barrel at the bottom... Had trouble maintaining temp the first couple of cooks. Did OK, but I just thought that it was a learning curve that I needed to get over... Anyway, I have noticed that adjustments made to the intake on the pipe provides very little if any change. After adding a ball valve on the bottom intake, I make all adjustments there with great success... So what is wrong with my 'no bend over" intake? Too tall?

Since these pics, I have added two more exhaust vents to the lid just to see if that made any difference...

Here is a reminder of that my UDS looks like...

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