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Originally Posted by JohnMcD348 View Post
My wife goes through allergic reactions and varying levels of sensitivity to a point that she never really knows what she is or isn't allergic to. Doing the regular allergen tests in a clinical setting she scores a 4+ to a 5 on EVERYTHING except Coffee and dogs. The last time she had it done, she told the nurse and she was blown off. The nurse got half way through the 118 pricks and was told to give her the benadryl and cortisone shots NOW(STAT!!!) by the Allergist who happened to walk in. Her dietary problems tend to be more prep related than the actual food or spices. She can eat pretty much anything as long as it is cooked beyond recognition. Ordering a steak, it has to be butterflied and cooked near Charcoal Briquette. She can't eat yellow rice or Oregano, which is bad since she from a strong Italian family. Her issues and reactions are more of a GI related reaction. If her meat is the least bit undercooked, it will run through her before we even leave the restaurant. Put a little Oregano in the spices, and she'll be in the hospital on a vent if they can get her intubated in time.
WOW! It's always the thing where when you think you have it bad someone else has it so much more difficult. My middle one is a 3 on uncooked beef which I don't understand but it could also be a cross contamination thing from that. Fortunately we don't have that too often. Unless he tries to eat my NY strip or porterhouse when we have them. Because those would still be walking if I could get my wife to let me.
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