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This is the standard for food allergies.

If you look on the left hand side under common food allergens. Each link contains more information about the basics and the potential side effects if exposed.

Here is an extensive explanation on WebMD from the Cleveland Clinic.

The above links also have information on what to do in case of a reaction. High level preparation for a reaction is - administer benadryl immediately. If the reaction is severe liquid will still go in and you can pour it in if necessary. Especially if it's a child.

If swelling of the mouth or face occurs check the voice. If the voice is coarse - call 911 and tell them there's someone having a food allergy reaction. Most ambulances don't carry epinephrine shots so you have to tell them. If the benadryl has already been administered keep a close eye out on the person. If breathing stops then CPR may be necessary - but BE certain. The 911 operator can probably put you in touch with a doctor to advise.

If this scares the crap out of anyone don't worry too much - it doesn't happen that often. I've seen different numbers but they aren't that much higher generally around 1-2%. Reactions are more, but death is rare.

The biggest challenge with food allergies is with small children. They eat everything without thinking about it. 10-15 minutes time for a reaction and depending on the condition it will be anywhere from hives to full blown anaphlaxis(anaphlyactic shock). If it's a big party with a lot of people it's hard to keep track of them so better to avoid altogether. Other kids may see it happening and not understand or know to get an adult.

Ok, just remember I'm a parent of children with food allergies who's been to the ER once so I'm more of a freak than most.

Hope this helps anyone out there looking for information.
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