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This is the check list that I used but here it's published from a health safety site. - but it's become standard practice. Oddly enough it's in a New Zealand site.
Managing allergens in your food business

Food recalls involving allergens are common. The majority of allergen recalls handled by NZFSA involve mislabelling or undeclared allergens. Others include cross-contamination.
If you run a food business, here are some things you could do to start managing the risks around food allergens:
• keep accurate written details about all the ingredients of prepared food, as well as pre-packed foods
• ensure your ingredient lists are up to date
• if you change the ingredients in one of your products, make sure you also update your labels and the ingredient information you make available to your customers
• destroy all old labels and lists as soon as they have been updated (but keep a copy for future reference in case of problems)
• check all the ingredients in the dish/recipe (and what they contain) as well as what you use to cook the dish with, or garnish, eg: don’t fry food in oil that has previously been used to fry food that may have contained an allergen
• clean all surfaces and utensils that may have been used to prepare foods containing allergens
• if there is any doubt about whether a food contains even a small amount of an allergen, tell the customer – don’t guess!
• store allergenic foods in separate containers,
• separated from other foods
• use paper towels for drying hands rather than cloth towels
• make sure all staff are aware of the serious consequences of food allergies and ensure regular training is provided to all staff employed in business.
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