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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Well yesterday was funny, ended up not getting any meat on her. Just lit it today, and we will see how it goes.

Yesterday I lit it , temps started coming up slowly but after about 45min I was hitting 250* I was going to go to 300* for a seasoning run then ramp it down and do some cooking. The thing was, I hit 250* and immediately lost about 10* without ever touching anything. I went out and blocked half of each exhaust but the temps kept falling. I opened her up, shook the basket, and left a single exhaust open. Then my family decided to go to dinner. So I had to leave her mid-experiment. ( BBQ wasn't the dinner plan anyway)

How much exhaust area does the weber have? I have about 6 square inches of exhaust area with both open, or 3in right now.

I'm also thinking the fire box is too skinny? I bought the expanded steel in 12"x24" and welded the ends together, its like 2 coffee cans stacked on each other.

Temp is taken digitaly and analog. I have a maverick I'm watching from inside that is on the side directly below the grate, I'm going to move that right now.

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