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Default StLouque's Acronym List or (what the heck does that stand for?)

Steve started a thread about doing this and the result was what you see here. Make a post if there is anything that comes up and we can add it in when we get a chance.

3-2-1 = 3 hrs smoke, 2 hrs foiled, 1 hr unwrapped/sauced (Guideline for full slab pork spare ribs)
ABT = Atomic Buffalo Turd
AR = American Royal
BB = Baby Back
BBB = Buck Board Bacon
BDS = Big Drum Smoker
BGE = Big Green Egg
BRITU = Best Ribs In The Universe
BSKD = Brinkman Smoke King Deluxe
BUD= Baby Ugly Drum.
BWS = Backwoods Smoker
BYC = Klose's Backyard Chef
CAB = Certified Angus Beef
CBBQA = California BBQ Association
CBJ = Certified Barbecue Judge
CL = CraigsList
COS = Cheapo Offset Smoker
CS = Cookshack Eletric Smoker
CWB = Cheap White Buns
DAL = Dead Ass Last (contest)
DBS + Double Barrel Smoker
ECB = El Cheapo Brinkman
EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil
FBA = Florida BBQ Association
FEC = Fast Eddy Cookshack Pellet Smoker
FLFO = Florida Folks
FTC = Foil, Towel, Cooler
FTFY = Fixed That For You (Whackadoodle-speak for 'I modified your post to make it funnier')
GAB = Great American BBQ
GC = Grand Champion
GLBBQA = Great Lakes BBQ Association
GOSM = Great Outdoor Smokey Mountain
HDAF = Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
HDD Habanero Death Dust
HNF = Hot and Fast
ILBBQS = Illinois BBQ Society
KCBS = Kansas City Barbecue Society
KMP = Klose Mobile Pit
KP = Klose Pit
LIFO = Long Island Folks
LNS = Low and Slow
MABA = Mid Atlantic BBQ Association
MIFO = Michigan Folks
MiM = Memphis in May
MOAB = Mother of All Banderas
MOFO = Missouri Folks
NB = New Braunfels
NBBD = New Braunfels Black Diamond
NEBS = New England BBQ Association
NTTAWWT = Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
OTG = Weber One Touch Gold
OTP = Weber One Touch Performer
OTS = Weber One Touch Silver
Pron, P*rn = FoodPorn(Food Photos. We don't want the "P" word appearing to many times so corporate scanners, google indexers, etc don't mislabel our site as a P*orn" ).
RGC = Reserve Grand Champion
RoY = Rookie of the Year
S&P = Salt and Pepper
SGH = Smokin' Guns Hot Rub
SKD = Smoke King Deluxe
SNPP = Brinkman Smoke 'N' Pit Professional
SPOG = Salt, Pepper, Onion Powder and Garlic Powder
SW = Spicewine
TOY = Team of The Year
UDS = Ugly Drum Smoker
WIDT = Why I Deserve This ( a monthly fun brethren game ran by brother Ashmont)
WSM = Weber Smokey Mountain

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