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Originally Posted by lunchlady View Post
Congrats to all!

Isn't that two years in a row for HomeBBQ ?

I sure wish FLA was closer to Massachusetts, I'd love to cook FBA events.
That is like 5 in a row for Kevin.
How does he do it????
Well, he cooks most of the contests (normally 20 plus per year).
AND---Kevin can cook!!!!!!!
Always near, if not at, the top of the results, week after week.

You come on down--I will put up the equipment (CheKeeta) and you can cook to your heart's content!
That offer is valid for any team that wants to come on down and try to cook against Kevin, Rub, Jimmy, Big Daddy, and the rest of the guys/gals down here.
They are too farkin' good as cooks for me to compete against---try your luck!

"Flirtin' with Disaster" BBQ Team (RETIRED)
FBA and KCBS Cook and Judge.
Former owner of a WSM, a Smokey Joe, a Charbroil Commercial gasser (junk), the legendary "StudeDera", a FEC100, a Fast Eddy PG500, and Sherman the Wonder Trailer.
Now cooking with a Yoder YS640
Proud Pellet guy cooking on real wood.

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