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Hope this is not to long, but I have some questions.

Never seen a drum smoker in person and I just went through all 7 pages of this thread and have a question. The template you did was for the bottom of the drum, but what holes did you need in the bottom of the drum.

I like the intake and exhaust pipes, I smoke mainly in the winter rains of Northern California on a covered deck so I need to be able to vent the smoke outside. I use a BBChef smoker at the moment and have a flexible dryer vent pipe attached to the smoke stack and run it outside.

Also how hot does the bottom of these drum smokers get? I have to smoke on a wood deck so I need to make sure I do not catch it on fire. Probably should set the drum on cinder blocks with fireproof mats under that.

Would love to see some pics of the different Charcoal baskets that guys have come up with. I liked Mista's on one of his archived sites. Am curious about doing one that catches most if not all of the drippings which would make the cleanup easier. There has gotta be a way!
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