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Default Hutterite Turkey for Turkey Day...

4 hours @ 350 deg. on the 22.5 weber with Hickory chunks.

Turkey Day 2007.JPG


Did this while the temp. outside was 18 deg. Thought I would have trouble maintaining the kettle temp. But used one chimney of Rancher and held the 350 deg. one vent open then opened all 3 after about 3 hours.

This was my first Hutterite free range turkey and was impressed from the moment I cut open the package... Did NOT have the usual 2 to 3 lbs. of fat to throw away, inside cavity was VERY clean, NO feathers to have to pick off and the best of all??? The breast was as moist as the dark meat... Don't think I will be buying store bought turkeys... Cost a bit more but NO waste!

OK, I have to fess up . The pic is AD (after dinner). Sorry I just could not wait to take a picture.
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