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Default I have offset smoker "101" questions?

Long story short, I've had either a Hasty Bake or WSM for ten years now, just got an offset this summer. It was a real find, its a nine or ten year old Brinkman that has never been used. Small, but the darn thing has some real metal on it-150 pounds versus the new ones that weigh like 80.
I cooked on it a couple times and was kind of chasing temps around, but got it settled down.
Just finished installing the sheet metal baffle and the tube that lowers the smokestack, and built a small charcoal basket.
It now acts pretty nice and the temps in the cooker seem pretty good.

The thing I am wondering about is how much fuel do these damn things burn?
Four hours (some chicken, not too much), took around 8 pounds od lump. I'm just not used to that. Granted the hi temp today was 40, but it did the same thing this summer before I did the mods.
Am I doing it wrong or is this the deal? Not bithcin mind you just wondering.

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