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Default Your Opinions on Brisket Temp

Without a formal poll (due to too many options), I was just wondering if you can chime in on a topic that left me befused this weekend.

I know some people pull/wrap/whatever brisket at a certain temp.

I know some will seperate the flat and point when the flat is certain temp, then take the point further.

I know some will look at temp as a framework to then begin to "watch" a brisket for "pinch test" or "fork test" etc.

But this weekend, I heard someone tell me that he pulls a brsiket off at 170*


These are full packer briskets, and they didn't differentiate from the flat and point??

Never, ever, do I think I read anywhere the number 170* mentioned in a brisket discussion.

I've heard 180*, then feel it with a fork or pinch, Ive heard 190*, even 200*.

So my question: Have you ever heard 170* as a guideline for brisket?

On a second note, he swears by this method. I have also heard commentary that "We like your husbands brisket better"

I cannot believe you have enough connective tissue breakdown at 170*

Your thoughts?

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