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Originally Posted by jpw23 View Post
Hey Bdgr....good to see ya here....get over to cattle call and introduce yourself. Oh...and look up Ron L......he's our resident coffee guru!!
done and done. BTW, I could tell you nightmare stories about permit process....

the worst...we were remodeling the coffee house before opening, had a construction dumpster full of old walls, carpet, what have you full and ready to be picked up. Then this guy from the state stops by....on a wednesday. Says he needs to see our asbestos survey. we told him "the city said we didn't need one since the building had been remodeled in the last x number of years"

"I don't care what the city said, if you you dont have that survey on my desk friday I'll fine you 500 a day since the day your building permit was issued"

It costs us something like an extra 500 bucks to have the test done that fast. Of course there was nothing because the building had already been remodeled several times since they stopped using asbestos.

I cant count the number of times we got burned because the city would tell us something, and then deny it. A voice recorder is your friend.
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