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Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I think, in this case, the pizza maker isn't really the problem, but the people that made the pepperoni topping. Meat packers, produce packagers, etc...are being consolidated and that makes it easier for product to be contaminated along the way. One bad apple.....I don't think that can be so easily dismissed. I haven't heard anything to convince me otherwise-- meaning from other sources, not you Bill.

That being said, the major supermarket brand end users and packagers have much more of an incentive to be careful and are carefully regulated, as far as I know. They have much more at stake. Hormel, Sara Lee or Jeno's (or whoever may at this point own them) are very different from the people way on down the totem pole that are breaking down beef carcasses and pulling the spinach in the field.....Often, from what we've been seeing, that's where the problems really start. Once contaminated product enters the factory, there isn't much of anything Jeno's or whoever can do.
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