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Originally Posted by backyardchef View Post

If the employers don't give a crap about their employees, why would they care about the quality of the product that they unleash on the public. There is little incentive to be careful, but there is plenty of incentive to mechanize and streamline production practices while paying employees less and less......
I don't think I can agree with you on this Matt.

In fact, I think this line of thinking is the exception not the norm.

I can't go into too much detail, because of my personal involvement with ownership on this industry, but let me just say that the workers in our factories are part of the same compensation and benefits package that I am in.

Although these two brands in question are not part of our system, pizza is a finished product and there is a ton of quality control that we must adhere to. Banks also don't like to be involved with shoddy companies. We need an inspected and maintained process in place in order to secure financing.

We package quite a few brands, so it doesnt suprise me that there is more than one brand involved (similar to the Topps burger problem)

We also have a member here who has a very impressive process in place for making ungodly amounts of pizza dough for the Dominos, Ceasars, etc of the world. It's not about speed, its also about safety.

And if one doesn't think we spend the time to properly clean, sanatize, and maintain our processing equipment, your dillusional. Right now, the machines of the packagers of these pizza lines are shut down. These are $80million machines. No one is making money now.

There is too much risk, health risk and investment risk, to not properly care fore the equipment and product.

Are there unscrupulous packagers out there? Of course, I am not naive.

But to just immediately yell greed or label companies don't give a crsp about employees, just might also be naive.

I also fully acknowlede that these two brands in question are at the lowest end of the frozen pizza spectrum, where possible corners appear to need to be cut to make a profit. But if these packagers also do the higher end stuff, they do not benefit from cutting corners, because now ALL of their lines are stopped until recertified.

I guess my comment is from personal experience, to not over generalize, is all

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