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Originally Posted by smoke-n-my-i's View Post
I still say that it is GREED ! ! ! !

The production companies know that the more they produce and ship, the more money they make. Down time for cleaning, sanitizing, is lost production. Lost production is lost money. Why take 30 minutes a shift to clean the machines of meat that has been on there all day, why sanitize the floors, why.....

That, and a lot of the workers, are NOT washing their hands after going to the bathroom.... If you don't believe me, the next time you are out, and go to the bathroom, just notice who goes in, and doesn't wash their hands and just leaves.... you will be amazed if you take the time to notice. Think about that the next time you are shopping in the meat department, fresh veggies, etc....

It is past time that the American production companies wake up....

Ok, my rant for the day.... my $0.02 worth....

True, and the centralization of the food chain into ever larger mega-farms and corporations combined with a willfull disregard of simple safety precautions that can be taken because of the cost associated with them.

If the employers don't give a crap about their employees, why would they care about the quality of the product that they unleash on the public. There is little incentive to be careful, but there is plenty of incentive to mechanize and streamline production practices while paying employees less and less......
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