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Originally Posted by Scrooge Fan View Post
I've been wanting to make some Scotch Eggs on the grill or smoker. I have a fresh roll of Bob Evans Original sausage.

First question is: Do you need to add anything to the sausage to make it stick to the hard boiled egg? Like a raw egg?

Second question: Would you slow smoke it at 225 to 250 degrees, or just put it on the grill at 350 or so?

About how long would the preferred method take. Since the sausage coating wouldn't be very thick, I wouldn't think it would take longe either way.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

Here is one of chotda's photographs of a fried Scotch Egg. I use it as a benchmark of the perfect one (in my book anyways), I've gotten close but never one this nice.

My best ones are dredged in flour, then egg, then panko (Japanese bread crumbs) and fried till golden. I've tried them on my Egg with the same coating as above, it didn't get as crunchy as I wanted. With only panko, it didn't want to anchor as well. Just an egg wrapped in sausage and cooked until it was done was okay, it just didn't match up to a fried one. The one thing I have not tried is mixing Shake-N-Bake into the sausage. That was how the first armadillo eggs I tasted were made....

Oh yeah, no problem making the sausage stick, just make a thin pattie, lay the egg in the middle and mold it around, using damp hands.

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