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Default Under the radar

let me first say that, my customers safety is always first in my mind, I have been making my sauces in an approved kitchen and I always follow proper food handling practices. I have however slacked on some of the paperwork and proper permits.....this is what got me in trouble.

A few days ago, i posted an ad on our local craigslist, the health dept. saw this ad and checked their records and sure enough, I don't have a permit to sell a damn thing.... a certified letter was delivered and now I have a few things to talk about with them.

let me clarify again.....this is not a safety issue! permits being what they are and the expense of this to begin with is why I did things under the anyone looking to start their own business, do it right or don't do it at all.

I have shut down my website until I can get with the program, I have removed all the links i can and have asked Phil to remove my spot in the brethren ventures forum until things are right.

Moral of this story....don't do anything halfassed!

I have meetings this week with health dept. officials and all are more than willing to help get this venture back on its feet, they see it as a viable business and just want things done by the book.....I can't say that they are not right.....I was trying to save a buck because of the small volume of business that I do and thought that I would not get caught and that the paperwork was time consuming and is but, there is a reason for it. If I skimp on the permits, they see that as a doorway to skimp on customer safety.......I can see their point of view.

Do not make the same mistakes I made, do it by the book and then there will be no problems.

I am now looking into a serious re-tooling and possible bottling companies, this ain't gonna be cheap but, I don't want to be thought of as the fireworks begin!

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