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Plowboy I have got to agree also on not letting anyone supply their own bird way too much possibility of getting spoiled meat. Purchase the turkeys yourself to be on the safe side.

I will usually do 15 - 20 birds around Thanksgiving. Unless its someone I have know for many years the orders and money are taken up front. I don't brine my birds and have never had any problems with them being anything but moist and tasty. I will usually place some butter inside the cavities and will inject with creole butter at the beginning and middle of the cooking cycle, I cook on indirect heat and keep the temp around 225 degrees. Spray with apple juice about every 1/2 hour and finish off with a honey glaze during the last 15 minutes. Try to get 3 1/2 time your cost.

Cook strictly by meat temp don't guess if it looks done get the thermometer and be sure.

I've already had people start asking for this year.

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